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About Patagon

Patagon was born with a mission to pave the way for start ups and middle market companies to create value for its stakeholders, assisting with strategic direction, providing quality information and insights into the market trends and possible strategic moves, catalyzing the processes to unlock value and putting these companies in a position to take advantage of windows of opportunity that open from time to time.

Patagon Partners is a Brazilian company with extensive knowledge of the economic reality that middle market companies operate.


We know the idiosyncrasies of competiton, tax and regulatory environment that those businesses faces and we know the latent potential of those in South America, especially outside the big cities.


For this reason, we serve companies throughout Latin America, in areas that we believe have potential in a given time, in order to serve as a "bridge" of young and middle market companies to large players and investors in Brazil and abroad, helping the flow in both directions.

Our Assets

Together, we have accumulated an extensive experience in various sectors, geographies and scopes of work.


Members of Patagon Partners has already worked as key executives and board members and founders of start ups and for middle market companies.


We have a strong internal culture based on meritocracy and alignment with our clients, which results in a strong attachment, both for the company and its members, impacting also the way we are rewarded.
Our team is our greatest asset, so we try to select, retain and develop our entire team with the greatest care and alwyas encouraging (i) knowledge acquisition, (ii) the exchange of ideas and the creation of conditions for personal and professional development  of each member.




Founder and Partner of Patagon Partners, he acts as the head of the M&A department. Between 2011 and 2013, he was the manager of the Corporate Finance department at PwC. In 2011, he worked at The Jai Group. From 2009 to 2010, he was a consultant in the restructuring department of Naxentia Consultoria, he worked in the Private Equity team at Fama Investimentos between 2008 and 2009. He has experience in M&A buy side, M&A sell side, Debt restructuring, market mapping and strategy in sugar & alcohol, logistics, mining, engineering services, tourism and others. Graduated in Engineering from the Universidade Politécnica de São Paulo.


Gustavo, from 2016 to 2018, worked as an analyst at an M&A Boutique, involved in the Mergers and Acquisitions processes in several segments such as agribusiness, fleet outsourcing, hospitality and machinery and equipment. Previously, he worked at Latam Airlines, supporting the financial planning and results monitoring processes. Graduated in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of São Paulo.


Vinícius is a graduate student in Industrial Engineering at Poli-USP and a former member of the Poli Entrepreneurship League. He also had experiences in finance club and summer internship in telecommunications. He joined the Patagon time in 2021 to assist the M&A senior time with market research and follow-on transaction studies.




Patagon helps to increase the chances of success in M & A processes,

working through all the deal related activities, from market screening for the ideal partner, providing economic valuation, overseeing the DD process up to the deal closing.





Patagon provides customized financial tools to assist companies and entrepreneurs

on critical and complex decision making processes.



We offer services for financial stabilization and performance improvement for companies that need tailored

solutions for both its capital and operational structures. 

These services are used widely and suitable for companies operating in complex environments.



We use various tools to build the business plan, evaluating potential and markets risks, value chain design, quantification of revenues, costs , expenses and investments, besides the financial structure to put the plan into practice.



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Contact Us

| Av. Dr. Gastão Vidigal, 1132, conjunto 703 Bloco A | CEP 06540-325 |
Telefone: +55 11 2533 9377 

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